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About Infonil


Communication is one of the most important aspects of our daily life. Needless to mention, technology aided communication holds the key to the development and progress in sphere of our existence. The offering its services in rural areas with a view to reform in communication system in grass root level.


The site has been developed with the specific objective of making the communication easy, practical, hassle free and quick. The site will work as a platform to communicate with each other involving each and every issues. At present, innumerable smartphones with net connection are available in Chandipur Block area. We will appeal to all people residing in the Block area to come forward and join us to spread the latest communication system in different segments of the society.


This site is dedicated to Chandipur Block area only. Any one with or without any technical knowledge can use this site. You may be a service provider, business man, professional or just a worker, whatever may be your profession, just upload your information with image. Your uploaded information will help to those people who are looking for. It is sincerely hoped that this modest attempt will be gladly accepted by the local people. Any type of suggestion from the well wishers for further improvement will be highly appreciated.

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